Banana Farming

  • Plants will be provided by Kisan Buggy Of desired Variety to your farm.
  • Delivery Cost will be included in Plant cost.
  • Technical Support will be given to farmers from Land preparation to Harvesting of Crop.
  • Buy Back Facility Will be provided.
  • Payment will be given on Farm.

Banana Farming (Kele Ki kheti) can help farmers to multiple their incomes and improve their Standard of living. Currently Most of the farmers are in to traditional farming growing wheat, rice, maize etc due to which they are not able to earn enough to sustain their family.

Currently Farmers are earning 50000 -100000 per acre but Banana farming (Kele ki kheti) can help them to earn 5-10 Lac rupees per acre. Initially for 2-3 years when plants are small farmers can do inter cropping and earn additional income. Banana plants for sale at a very attractive price from our in-house Banana nursery.

Kisan Buggy supports farmers to achieve their dreams of multiplying their income. Average land holding is decreasing day by day so it is a high time for farmers to adopt Banana farming ( kele ki kheti).

Income from Banana Plantation:-

Number of plants per acre = 1500

Yield per plant = 50 Kg

Price per kg = Rs10 

Income per plant = 500

Income per Acre = 500* 1500 = 7.5 lakh 

Investment For 1 Acre :-

Spacing- 5*6 ft

Number of plants per acre – 1500+500 (For replacement) =2000

Price of 1 Plant = Rs 25 ( Including Transportation of plants Till Farms + Supervisor For Plantation day + Technical assistance regarding usages of Fertilizer, Pesticide and irrigation schedule)

Total Investment for the plantation of 1 Acre = 25*2000 =50000

Most of the farmers opined that banana is a highly risky crop for the small land holders. A few institutes have released different technologies for increasing the productivity of banana. High density planting with paired row Zig Zag is one such technology developed by ICAR -National Research Centre – Banana, Thiruchirapalli. This technology helps the farmers to earn higher profits from limited land resources.

In this connection, KVK Hirehalli has implemented a Front Line Demonstration (FLD) on High Density Planting of Banana with paired row method in the field of field Shri. Mahesh, progressive farmer from Makanahalli village of Tumakuru taluk. He was a banana farmer specialized in the cultivation of G-9 variety and Yelakki. His average annual income from banana farming was INR 1.47 lakhs /ha. KVK Hirehalli selected him as a beneficiary farmer for the FLD – High density planting in banana, a NRCB technology. The KVK trained him on the technology and he planted the banana at a spacing of 1.5 x 1.5 x 2.0 mt in a paired row with zig zag method of planting, unlike conventional planting of 2 x 2 mt.

In this HDP method he could plant 5200 plants per hectare in place of 2500, as in conventional method. Though in conventional method, bunch weight of planting was 20.5 kg, his productivity was 578 qt/ha only. Whereas in this HDP method, though the bunch weight was 17.2 kg (3 kg less than conventional), productivity was of 760 qt /ha (more than 180 kg than conventional), due to more number (almost double) of plants per hectare.